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SUN Seeks to Expand Home Repair Program to Violet, LA

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  • At the time of application, St. Bernard Parish will be contacted to gain clearance on needed permits.
  • Request a RHS environmental review for homes located within the floodplain.
  • Though it is not anticipated that any homes identified for rehabilitation for this project will be identified as historic, SHPO will be contacted if such homes are identified and appropriate rules and regulations for the rehabilitation of historic properties will be followed.
  • Homeowners will receive information on lead hazards and lead risk assessments on all qualifying homes will be performed to identify lead hazards, work will be conducted using lead safe work practices, and lead clearances will be performed. cortal consors binäre optionen

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Month 4-6: conduct scopes of work  on and lead risk assessments on first 3 properties; refer homeowners whose homes are beyond SUN’s services to other agencies; bid out scopes of work to certified contractors and execute home repair contracts.

Month 7-9: conduct scopes of work  on and lead risk assessments on next 3 properties; refer homeowners whose homes are beyond SUN’s services to other agencies; bid out scopes of work to certified contractors and execute home repair contracts; start construction on 3 homes.

Month 10-13:  conduct scopes of work  on and lead risk assessments on remaining properties; bid out scopes of work to certified contractors and execute home repair contracts; refer homeowners whose homes are beyond SUN’s services to other agencies; start construction on next three homes, monitor construction; issue 3 notices of completion; execute payments

Month 14-17:  start construction on remaining homes, monitor construction; issue 3 notices of completion; execute payments

Month 18:  issue notices of completion on all remaining properties, execute any remaining payments, submit closeout paperwork.

VI.  Staffing

Project Director who is responsible for managing the entire project and tracking the project to completion; Intake specialist to recruit and qualify applicants; Rehabilitation Specialist to generate work write ups and work with contractors; Lead Risk Assessor to perform lead risk assessments and lead clearances.

VII.   Numbers:  SUN anticipates that this project will assist 7 homeowners who are very low or low income.  All of the 7 homes will have household incomes of not more than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI), with at least 30% at under 60% of AMI.  As 50% of Violet is African American, SUN expects to assist at least 4 minority homeowners.

VIII. Geographical Area: The geographical area to be served is Violet, LA, which is a census designated area of St. Bernard Parish that is a part of the New Orleans MSA that qualifies as a rural area with a population of less than 10,000.  The boundaries of Violet are the Mississippi River, Docville Canal, Florida Avenue and Farmsite Road.

IX. Budget

The estimated budget for HPG activities includes a homeowner match of supplies and materials of approximately 2000 per home.  This match allows SUN to maximize construction work per unit to address additional repairs per unit to satisfy homeowner needs.  The per unit cost for repairs for 7 units is an average of $6429, anticipating homes to average between 5000 to 6500 per home.  Administrative costs are capped at 5000 for the entire project, and the bulk of such costs are for lead risk assessments and rehabilitation specialist.  Additional administrative costs such as outreach, office space, insurance, telephone, and Internet services will be provided in-kind for this project.

Sources of Funds

HPG                                         $50,000

Homeowner Match               $17,500

In-Kind                                   Outreach, Office Space, Insurance, communications

Total                                       $67500

Use of HPG Funds

Rehabilitation                        $45000  (Avg $6429 per home)

Administrative Costs             $5000

Total                                       $50,000

Administrative Breakdown

Project Director                     50 hours                    $1000

Rehabilitation Specialist       60 hours                    $1200

Intake Specialist                    40 hours                    $800

Lead Risk Assessor                7 homes                   $2000

Total                                                                           $5000

X. Indirect Costs:  There will be no indirect costs attributed to the HPG Program, as proposed in this application.

XI.  Project Director tracks costs using Quickbooks accounting software programs and all SUN programs and financial systems are audited by Cassells & Associates on an annual basis.

XII.  Evaluation:  The effectiveness of SUN’s program will be demonstrated by the long-term affordability resulting to household assisted with these funds.  Monitoring and evaluation of the HPG program will include:


  • documentation of name, address, income, and total rehabilitation cost
  • list of major repairs to home
  • comparison of actual accomplishments to the objectives i.e. number of very low income households assisted and number of households assisted
  • % of HPG funds invested
  • ability to meet program work schedule


All monitoring and evaluation observations will be included in quarterly reports to Rural Development in accordance with §1944.683. rimuovere l account iq option  

 XIII. Financial Resources:  SUN will invest as in-kind funds to pay for the following: outreach, office space, insurance, telephone and Internet to support the project.  Homeowners will invest up to 2500 per home in the form of materials in order to help with the cost of repairs.  This investment is for a total of $17,500.

XIV.  Program Income: Since HPG funds will be issued in terms of a grant, program income is not anticipated at this time.

XV. Security Instruments:  SUN does not anticipate utilizing security instruments.

XVI. Other Information:  SUN is competed to utilizing Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) contractors to perform the home repairs.

XVII.  Outreach efforts will consist of informational sheets to all owner-occupant households in the targeted communities; community meetings in which residents can come ask questions about the program; publication in community newspapers; information at housing and community fairs in which other information on all available housing programs is made available.  Using the above-mentioned mechanisms, all families within the targeted community will be reached over the first three months of the grant period.

(2).  Experience:  SUN operates a very successful owner-occupied rehabilitation program in partnership with the City of New Orleans’ Office of Community Development that utilizes HOME funds to rehab the housing stock of low income homeowners and bring these homes up to code in order to preserve this housing and keep residents safe.  This program aids residents who may have been victims of contractor fraud and unable to complete repairs, as well as those residents who homes have deteriorated due to environmental and previous repair work that was not up to code.  Since April 2012, SUN has completed 28 homes; 8 under construction; and 6 more in various stages of pre-construction.  Home repairs were completed utilizing over 600,000 dollars in HUD HOME funds.

A list of 20 certified contractors was developed for this project.  SUN’s partnership with certified contractors instead of volunteers has allowed us to complete homes in a timely manner and guarantee repair work for 1 year. In addition, SUN works with minority contractors, DBE contractors, and Section 3 workers to help return income into the neighborhoods in which we work.

SUN’s Owner-Occupied Rehab Project maintains a construction manager/rehabilitation specialist on staff to generate scopes of work, oversee the completion of housing repair work and ensure that projects stay on track; a certified lead risk assessor to perform lead risk assessments and clearances; an a Project Director to complete monthly reporting requirements, document match funds, and monitor construction costs.

(3).  Legal Existence: Please see attached incorporation papers for Southern United Neighborhoods.

(4). Private Nonprofit Entity: NA

(5). Area Served:  SUN proposes to repair at least 7 owner-occupied housing units in Violet, LA, a census-designated area of the New Orleans MSA that is located in St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana.  This targeted community has close to 6000 residents with a high homeownership rate of close to 80%, with 18% of those residents living in poverty.  Close to 50% of these residents are African American.  The area was devastated by hurricane Katrina in 2005 and these homeowners rebuilt their housing stock and experience many of the same circumstances of contractor fraud and substandard construction as post-Katrina homeowners in New Orleans.  The financial impacts of the subsequent disaster of the BP oil spill have stained the pocketbooks of low income homeowners.  As a result, home repair programs are needed to help these homeowners increase the sustainability of their homes.

(6). Overcrowding:  SUN’s home repair program will help homeowners retain their homes and improve the livability and longevity of their homes, reducing the possibility that they will need rental housing in the future.

(7). SUN activities:


  • Owner-Occupied Rehab Project in the Lower 9th Ward (HUD Home Funds/reimbursement grant)
  • Affordable Housing and Financial Literacy Training Programs (Membership Fees 1000/month)
  • Community Engagement Programs – Foundation Grants (20,000/year)

(8).  Other Information:  NA jiqoption