Areas of Focus

  • SUN works to build citizen wealth in low to moderate income communities through increased knowledge of available programs and services, providing services such as financial literacy and credit counseling training to help low income families rebuild their credit and live on a budget, building a jobs database to match residents who needs jobs with available opportunities, and aiding families in pre-qualifying for available local, state and federal assistance programs.
  • SUN addresses discrimination through disseminating knowledge on fair housing laws, section 3 requirements in hiring residents for jobs that utilize federal dollars, and informing residents their rights in the workplace.
  • SUN designs and implements programs to directly address community deterioration such as our housing rehab program and neighborhood cleanup projects that work to stabilize low to moderate income communities and improve the health and safety of the community. As a part of this effort, SUN addresses the mental health of low to moderate income residents through stress buster workshops and informative meetings that teach them how to cope with chronic stress.