Owner-Occupied Rehab Program

In partnership with The City of New Orleans through its Office of Community Development, with funding support from U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Southern United Neighborhoods’ Owner-Occupied Rehab Project assists low income families of the Lower 9th Ward with minor home repairs and rehabilitation to bring their homes up to city housing code to ensure safe and healthy homes.

Eligibility Information 


SUN has rehabbed 23 homes in the Lower 9th Ward to help residents to return to their homes and also to leave in homes that are healthy and safe.

Right now SUN is working to fix up Mary Ann’s home on Caffin.  She was a victim of contractor fraud.  After Katrina, a contractor took all of her money without fixing her home.  She is elderly and disabled.  These rip-off contractors built her home 12 feet in the air with no way for her to get inside.  They put up walls without any insulation, plumbing or electrical work behind these walls.  Please help Mrs. Mary Ann come home today.


Your donation could help towards:

Building a ramp $5000

Appliances $1500

Light Fixtures $1200

Here is some of our other work.  DSCF0347





Home Repaired by SUN on Tricou Street